Access Guide: Xwi7xwa Library

"Eastern Door" (adjacent) to the First Nations Longhouse, 1985 West Mall

Xwi7xwa collects Indigenous scholarship with a focus on British Columbia, and Indigenous critical scholarship, in addition to contextual materials on national and international Indigenous issues. Material includes those by Indigenous academic and community scholars, and those engaging with Indigenous perspectives, as well as produced by First Nations, Aboriginal organizations, tribal councils, and band schools, Indigenous publishers and film producers et al in print and digital formats. The Xwi7xwa librarians create Indigenous research guides to assist learners in developing search strategies.

604-822-8738 (information); 604-822-8944 (fax)


Access Information

Wheelchair access to the First Nations House of Learning Longhouse and Xwi7xwa Library is via the western door of the Longhouse at 1985 Lower Mall. There is also ramp approach to the Longhouse at the south end of the Xwi7xwa Library from 1985 West Mall.

The Fraser River Parkade has 2 spaces designated for handicapped parking (Level 2). Paid parking is available in the Parkades.

Building and Library entrance
The library entrance is through a door with an accessible access button for automated opening via the West Mall stairway.

Library catalogue and computers
The terminals are at table-height.

A regular photocopier and scanner are available in the library.

Public telephones
Public telephones are available in the Longhouse.

The width between stacks is spacious, but the top shelves are high. Staff are always available to assist.

There are two gendered washrooms, through heavy doors, with one accessible stall per washroom.