Library Access for Visiting Faculty and Scholars

UBC Appointed Visiting Scholars

  • Visiting Scholars who have an appointment with UBC Human Resources may apply for a UBCcard through the UBC Carding Office.
    • A valid CWL (Campus Wide Login) associated with your appointment is required to access library eResources.
    • A valid UBCcard (physical or digital version) is required to borrow books and access many library services.

Non-UBC Appointed Visiting Scholars

  • Visiting Scholars collaborating with UBC Faculty members may receive library access through Faculty Authorization.
    • UBC Faculty can authorize library access to people they are working with through a Faculty Authorization library account.
    • Full access to UBC library eResources and physical library books will be available.
    • Complete the Faculty Authorization Form and submit the document as a PDF to for processing. The account details will then be sent by email.
  • Faculty members visiting from other universities may be eligible for UBC Community Borrower library privileges through reciprocal borrowing arrangements.