Videos & Films

The UBC Library’s largest collections of video recordings and DVDs are in the Walter C. Koerner Library, Education Library, Okanagan Library, and Woodward Library. Loan periods are as follows:

UBC faculty, students and staff 7 days, or for items on Course Reserve, 1 day or 2 hours
Community Borrower cardholders 7 days, with restrictions
UBC Okanagan users Please contact:

Community Borrowers: Please note that many videos and DVDs cannot be borrowed by community cardholders due to licensing restrictions or because they are on Course Reserve.

Searching for Videos, DVDs and Films

In the UBC Library Catalogue:

  1. In Simple Search, in the “Filter by Location/Item Type/Language” drop down list, select “Format: Videorecording“.
  2. Enter your search. If you know the title of the video, DVD or film, enter it. If you don’t know an exact title, enter keywords. Use quotation marks to enclose a phrase.
  3. Click on Search.

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Booking Videos, DVDs and Films


All 16mm films are in storage. For retrieval, go to Media Bookings, Room 218, Walter C. Koerner Library, Monday-Friday, 8am – 5pm.

UBC students, faculty and staff:

UBC Collection

Items held in David Lam, Education, Koerner, Music, Art and Architecture (IKBLC), Okanagan, Woodward, and Xwi7xwa libraries can be booked. Materials in other UBC Library branches are not available for booking.

UBC students, faculty and staff with valid UBC/Library cards can book UBC Library videos, DVDs or films for individual use or for classroom presentation on a specific date.

A valid UBC Library Card barcode is required. Please allow five to seven week days for your request to be processed and confirmed. Book early to ensure availability.

In addition, students, faculty and staff can book items from B.C.’s Electronic Library Network media collection. See below for more information.

Submit booking request forms online, or in person at the library that holds the item you wish to book: David Lam Library, Education Library, Koerner Library, Music, Art and Architure Library (IKBLC), Okanagan Library, Woodward Library, and Xwi7xwa Library.

BC’s Electronic Library Network Media Collection

UBC students, faculty and staff with valid UBC/Library cards can book items in BC’s Electronic Library Network Media (ELN) catalogue of media held in B.C. colleges and universities.

To search the ELN catalogue, at the UBC Library home page, choose Indexes & Databases. Search for Outlook Online and click on the link and then Begin

At the Outlook Online information page, click on Connect to Resource and then Begin.

At the Outlook search page, click on the box beside ELN Media Cat, and then enter your search terms in the Search For box.

ELN Media materials can be booked online.

In Vancouver, visit Media Bookings, Room 218, Walter C. Koerner Library. In Kelowna contact

Other BC public post-secondary institutions, please contact the media booking unit at your institution’s library to arrange a booking of a UBC Library video, DVD or film.


The Canadian Copyright Act permits instructors to perform any film or other cinematographic work in the classroom, as long as the work is not an infringing copy and was legally obtained. Instructors can also screen films outside of the classroom, provided that the screening is on campus, that the purpose is for education or training, and that the audience consists mainly of students, faculty, or any person who is directly responsible for setting a curriculum for UBC.

If any of these requirements are not met, then a film must include non-theatrical Public Performance Rights (PPR) in order to be shown in a public space on campus. If you wish to screen a film in a residence common room for entertainment purposes, for instance, then you need to use a copy of the film that included PPR.

Do not be concerned if a video borrowed from the Library has a label stating one of the following:

  • For home use only.
  • Home use only. Not for use in the classroom or public place.
  • Home use only. Licensed for education use at UBC.
  • Home use only. Licensed for public performance at UBC.

Under the Copyright Act as amended by Bill C-11, these videos can be used for educational purposes.