Complete List of Public Printers

Important Notes:

  • Prints that go to the B&W queues cost 7¢/ page and prints in black and white
  • Prints that go to the Colour queues cost 40¢/ page and prints in colour
  • In Web Print, Select a Printer: Central\B&W  stands for the B&W print queue
  • In Web Print, Select a Printer: Central\Colour stands for the Colour print queue
Asian Library: entrance level near the conference room and upper level
Biomedical Branch Library
David Lam: levels 2 & 3
Education Library: entrance level near the Circulation Desk
Irving K Barber Learning Centre:
  • level 2 outside Ike’s Cafe near the main staircase
  • level 3 in the Chapman Learning Commons outside of the Heritage Core
  • levels 3 & 4 in the Music, Art & Architecture Library
  • Koerner Library:
  • level 1 (Printer RC-6) north side across from the call number BF shelves
  • level 2 (Printer RC-5) south side near the staircase
  • entrance level (3) (Printers RC-3 & RC-4) across from the Circulation Desk
  • level 4 (Printer RC-1) north side adjacent Office Room 449
  • level 5 (Printer RC-2) north side between the washrooms
  • Law Library: levels 2, 3 & 4
    Woodward Library: garden level and entrance level near the Reference Desk
    Xwi7xwa Library
    Okanagan Library: Library level 1 & Commons level 1