Library Access for Students

Undergraduate & Graduate Students

  • Your UBCcard is your library card.
  • You must be a currently registered student in order to borrow library materials and use library services.
  • You require a UBC CWL account to access UBC library eResources remotely.
  • Apply for your UBCcard at the UBC Carding Office.

UBC Okanagan Students

  • Apply to UBC Okanagan Student and Information Services for your UBCcard.

Distance Education Students

  • Apply for your UBCcard online through the UBC Carding Office website and your account information will be emailed to you.
  • Distance Education Students are eligible to register for Distance Learning Library Services after obtaining a UBCcard.

Did You Know?

  • Library fines owing from previous academic years must be paid at the beginning of a new academic year or library privileges will be suspended.
  • You must apply for a new UBCcard if your student status changes (e.g., Undergraduate to Graduate) to receive the new borrowing privileges.
  • UBC students are eligible for Reciprocal Borrowing privileges at other universities through reciprocal borrowing arrangements.
  • Students who have forgotten their UBCcard and need to borrow library materials may apply for a temporary library card at any UBC library branch. One piece of government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s licence, passport) must be shown when applying for a temporary library card and only one temporary library card may be issued per academic term.
  • Lost and stolen cards can be reported online