EZproxy Overview

What is EZproxy?

EZproxy is a web proxy server which acts as an authentication system for users to verify that they are current UBC students, faculty or staff members. Many of the journals, ebooks and databases that the Library subscribes to require this verification for off-campus access because of license agreements between the library and its vendors and publishers. Once signed in to the proxy server, EZproxy dynamically rewrites URLs of electronic resources provided by database vendors, producing the same effect as if the off-campus user was accessing them via the UBC network or from a Library computer terminal.

Who can use EZproxy?

Current UBC students, faculty, and staff members are able to use EZproxy and can log in using their CWL account or UBC/Library card barcode. If you are having trouble logging in, please contact the IT Service Centre Help Desk for CWL account management or to reset your Library Barcode/PIN login contact a Library Circulation Desk or use the online For Your PIN? reset form .

Can myVPN be used to connect to UBC Library resources?

UBC's myVPN service does not provide access to UBC Library’s electronic resources. The use of the Library’s electronic resources is governed by license agreements between the library and its vendors and publishers. The majority of these license agreements stipulate that access is limited to CURRENT students, faculty, and staff. Access to myVPN is available to various persons outside of these groups and the current electronic identification system on campus makes it difficult to limit access through this channel.

Is EZproxy the only way to access UBC Library resources?

Generally, you do not need to use EZproxy if you are connected to the ubcsecure wireless network, (not ubcvisitor), or are using a computer located within the UBC network, such as a Library workstation. However, a few resources always require EZproxy.

Faculty members and graduate students may not need to connect via EZproxy if they’ve set up a remote desktop on a home computer; simply open the browser on a campus computer to connect as if on campus. Note: Remote desktop software is managed and supported by departmental IT units, not the Library.

EZproxy connectivity is also not necessary for library resources free of subscription-based licensing agreements such as those in cIRcle (UBC's digital repository), UBC Library’s Open Collections, DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals, or Open Access Indexes & Databases.

How do I connect to EZproxy?

To connect to EZproxy, simply go to the Library homepage at www.library.ubc.ca

Click on ‘Login’ on the right side of the top navigation menu. Note: 'Login' is always included in the Library's website navigation menu and is available from all other pages on the Library website.

Select ‘EZproxy Login’ from the drop-down as shown below.


On the EZproxy Login page enter either your CWL or Library Barcode/PIN.

Alternatively, you can also bookmark the EZproxy login page.
If you are off-campus, it is recommended that you log in to EZproxy before accessing the Library and its resources.

Known Problems

  • If you can't connect to a resource via EZproxy, check first to make sure that the problem isn't on the side of the resource. UBC Library has an eResources: Service Bulletins blog that provides the latest news on database and system periods of downtime.
  • If you are having difficulty connecting to EZproxy from a business, corporate, or other secure network it may be due to firewall restrictions and you will need to consult the network admin or IT department in order to configure your firewall settings to allow you access.
  • You may receive an error message when trying to access an electronic resource for which UBC Library does not provide access. You will only be able to access electronic resources which are licensed by UBC Library and have been added to the Library's EZproxy configuration file. If you receive an error message and are denied access to an academic resource that you think the Library may have a license for, please contact the Library's Technical Services Department via the Electronic Resources: Problems, Questions and Comments form.

Getting Help

Barcode/PIN and CWL

If you are having trouble logging in to EZproxy, invalid PINs can be reset:

  • Online via the Forgot Your Pin? form.
  • Phoning UBC Library (Vancouver): 604-822-2406
  • Phoning UBC Library (Okanagan): 250.807.9107

Note: New PINs may take up to 20 minutes to take effect.

For issues related to your CWL account, contact UBC's IT Service Centre Help Desk by:

Resource Access

If you cannot access the resource for any other reason, please contact UBC Library's Technical Services unit using the Library Electronic Resources: Problems, Questions, Comments form, and consult the eResources: Service Bulletins blog for access news.

If there is an urgency to the problem, you can also reach Technical Services' eResources & Access unit by phone at 604-822-4192 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Tips, Tools, & Troubleshooting

For more on using EZproxy, check out the Library's EZproxy Tips & Troubleshooting page and the EZproxy Toolkit.

source: https://wiki.ubc.ca/Library:EZproxy/About