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Using Electronic Resources

The UBC Library licenses resources for academic, non-commercial, research purposes. Most resources allow for the downloading, printing or saving of a copy of the material.

Use of automated software to extract items or portions of items is generally not permitted. Please read more information on Licensing.

Quantities are generally restricted to what a person can reasonable read or download manually. For question/requests related to a greater volume of use, such as Text & Data Mining or systematic reviews, please contact

Excessive downloading or other "suspicious" activities will lead to Providers blocking access.

*OpenAthens (Coming soon!)*

Beginning in early June, 2021, the Library will replace EZproxy with OpenAthens, a secure, single sign-on authentication service that enables access to licensed electronic resources both on and off campus. More information available here. As we prepare for our Go Live date, users may find that both EZproxy and OpenAthens authentication options are available on selected platforms. For help with problems encountered accessing resources, please use our eResources & Access Help Form.

Accessing Electronic Resources on Campus

Current UBC students, faculty, staff and Alumni can access licensed electronic resources - including ebooks, ejournals, streaming videos, Indexes & Databases and other online resources - using Library computers or other UBC computers. Personal devices can connect via UBCSecure on campus. Access to UBCSecure requires a valid Campus-Wide Login (CWL).

Walk-in users (Community Borrowers and members of the public) have access to almost all online resources via Library and UBC computers only.

The Library also maintains a list of unrestricted databases available to anyone, anywhere.

Note: At certain UBC affiliated clinics and other sites, UBCSecure was retired. Current UBC students, faculty, staff and Alumni can access licensed electronic resources via eduroam from select locations.

Accessing Electronic Resources off Campus (via EZproxy)

Current students, faculty and staff can get authenticated access to the Library's licensed electronic resources when off campus using an authorized CWL.

Current Faculty Authorized researchers, Affiliated College Faculty and Affiliated College Staff can also get access, but will need an authorized Barcode & PIN.

Alumni can get remote access via an authorized CWL to select resources licensed for Alumni. Alumni can get access to additional resources directly through their alumni app or through a web-browser.

All off-campus Users must be authenticated via EZproxy. Do not use UBC's VPN to access resources.

If you are starting from the UBC Library homepage, there are two ways to get started with EZproxy:

1) On the Library Homepage, use the "LOGIN" drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the grey bar

2) From the Library Homepage, start searching. The first link-out to a licensed resource will automatically pause to request authentication via EZproxy.

For more information on using EZproxy, please see:

Accessing Electronic Resources off Campus (via Alibaba Global Accelerator)

For certain users in China who are experiencing issues connecting to UBC learning resources, including Library electronic resources, UBC IT has created the Alibaba Global Accelerator. This is a targeted service and not meant for general users. The level of connectivity improvement may vary, as connection speed can also depend on other factors such as hardware, home internet connection, etc.)

Please read the Alibaba Global Accelerator FAQ page for more information, including who is eligible to use it.

Using the optional Library Access Browser Extension for enhanced Discovery & Access - Anywhere!

Anyone can download the free Library Access Browser Extension from Lean Library. With the Extension, you can start from anywhere on the internet. No need to begin at the Library Homepage.

The Extension automatically detects when you are on a website that contains content licensed by UBC Library. A pop-up window will appear with either a "GET ACCESS" button or directions on how to access the resource. Authorized Users will be routed via EZproxy for authentication.

For all information and an instructional video, please visit the Library Access Browser Extension Guide.

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